Fully white labeled App, Web and
SaaS Platform

All you have to do is on-board your listed businesses from directoryor sellers on e-commerce platform!

Easy Search

We make it easy for consumers to say hello, so they keep coming back for more

Just search a business by name, profession, location or tags of the business

Discovering business by name creates brand identity for your listed business.
Our white label solution provides same search capability on web or app.
Featured businesses can be showcased both on app and in web. Featured businesses show on top of relevant search results.

Don't miss a customer because you weren't there

Consumers can instantly chat or email a business from anywhere, anytime.

Conversations are saved, so businesses do not have to miss a customer even when busy or closed

Consumers can upload pictures and videos for faster issue resolution. Frustration free communication.

Consumers can chat with a business from business website or by clicking on chat button of a directory listing.

Unified chat backend. Say hello from the other side.

See Chat consolidates the chat and leads coming from business website, directory chat links, social media such as Facebook pages into ONE UNIFIED portal.

Businesses get leads, can interact and transact with consumers, and integrate conversations from voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa too!

Increases productivity and efficiency for business staff members.

Tons of features for business staff

Amazing set of features for business staff to easily engage with consumer on chat and commerce.

Web and mobile device friendly. Consumer and Agent level analytics.