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Voice assistant devices will change SEO and SEM

Radhakrishna Hiremane, Co-founder of Winimy.

Today, SEO and SEM are top of the mind for digital marketers. As consumers, we all reach a multitude of businesses through searches on our favorite portals. Every business strives to land on that first search results page.
In a few years, SEO will give way to CSEO — Conversational Search Engine Optimization. As digital assistant devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Siri gain traction among consumers, their easy, conversational way to find and discover information will become the new default search mode for consumers. As these devices gain clout with consumers, APIs will be created on Alexa, Siri, or Home for trusted businesses to provide searchable data for consumer responses.
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Local Search Association Interview: Intersection of Technology, Media and Commerce

Radhakrishna Hiremane, Co-founder of Winimy.

A Disruptive Innovation Telcos Might Miss!

Radhakrishna Hiremane, Co-founder of Winimy.

A great deal of buzz in the telco community today is around Network Function Virtualization, IoT and 5G. However, very few Telcos are paying attention to an emerging disruptive innovation that could impact their revenue. It’s “conversational commerce”.
Conversational commerce provides the ability for consumers to connect with a business, any time, from anywhere, at their convenience, and in a way they love to interact today which is - chat or instant messaging. Conversational commerce is accelerating the growing disparity between the synchronous communication means (such as voice based phones) that Telcos predominantly enable the Small and Medium Enterprises today and consumers preferred way of communication. Consumers, particularly the mobile generation and millennials, are neither willing nor wanting to wait on line for the next available representative or staff. For businesses as well - fixed lines, voicemails, call redirections are all cost adders, productivity decliners, as well as tools that are not matching up to the expectations of consumers today that prefer asynchronous communication, are on mobile, on the go.
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Tags: Telco, Disruption, Revenue, B2C, SME, Enterprise, Messaging, Cloud, Machine Learning, Bots, Privacy.

See Chat Messaging with Alexa

Radhakrishna Hiremane, Co-founder of Winimy.

Using voice activated digital assistants for search, content consumption and commerce is gaining momentum. Even my 7 year old kid engages with Echo for shopping, music, humor, and yes, morning alarms!
If you are a business, you want to be present on these devices, which means you need to make sure your Alexa Skill is available on your consumer’s device. However, it is unlikely that consumers are going download Skill’s for each and every individual business.
This brings a great new opportunity for telcos and directory service providers.
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Asia Local Search and Media Association, Oct 2016

Swami Sekar, Co-founder of Winimy.

Top innovative startups at Innovfest Unbound 2016, Singapore


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